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Nothing hits more close to home than a family law matter. When it comes to divorce, custody, child support or other matters involving your loved ones, you need to get the right legal help. At Principe & Strasnick, P.C., we understand that these matters are as unique as the families who are involved. That’s why all our clients are given personal care and attention.

When you need someone to take care of you and your family, turn to a local, family-owned law firm like Principe & Strasnick, P.C.. We’ve spent the last few decades serving our neighbors throughout Saugus and Essex County, Massachusetts.

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Family law matters are extremely personal and you cannot afford to be mislead or confused. Our clients turn to us for our honesty, our results and our solutions. We know how to help you resolve these matters quickly, efficiently and with less confusion. We’re clear with you from the start and will give you the right idea of what to expect from your case.

We’ve spent years helping our clients rebuild their lives after family law matters, and we’re here to help you, too.

Do I Really Need An Attorney?

Some people may think it will save money to handle a family law matter without an attorney. But it is really important to work with a professional when it comes to legal issues involving your family. Only a family law attorney can truly help you work through these issues and find solutions that will last. Not having an attorney from the start may end up costing you more money long term.

Am I Going To Lose Half My Assets In Divorce?

If you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of your divorce, including how to divide your assets, they may be subject to litigation or court decisions. In these cases, assets are generally divided equitably. That means the court will divide marital property (property acquired during your marriage) in a way they see is fair. That can mean dividing assets 50-50.

How Is Child Custody Determined?

If parents do not agree on a custody arrangement, during divorce or another custody dispute, the courts may need to make the decision for you. In these cases they try to act in the “best interests of the child.” This decision can involve a wide variety of factors such as the child’s preference, the condition of each home and proximity to other family members.

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