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Some conflicts cannot be resolved. And some conflicts require professional help. When that is the case, people turn to us at Principe & Strasnick, P.C.. With over 25 years of trial experience and a dedication to personal service, we’re the right choice for matters that involve civil litigation.

When you hire one of our trial-tested attorneys, we’re here to advocate for your interests. Once we determine what your desired outcome is, we won’t rest until we’ve helped you. Court is where we shine, and we’re here to help you.

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We have extensive experience in court and our history of successful results speak for themselves. There are few attorneys in Essex County who have the same experience and track record as we do at Principe & Strasnick, P.C..

Our attorneys have helped personal injury victims get the compensation they deserve, when other legal methods fall short, and have advocated for creditors when pursing debt and debt collections. We’re here to stand up for you when you need an advocate in court. We provide representation and resolve conflicts.

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